Sep 282015

09.27.15_08.Vp_Carp The following devotees, whose appreciations are below, spoke at Giriraj Swami’s Vyasa-puja: Gaudacandra dasa, Aditi dasi, Purusottama Ksetra dasa, Revati dasi, Sri Vallabha dasa, Madhava, Balarama dasa, Tulasi Manjari dasi, Sukumari dasi, Bhaktin Andrea, Bhakta Jarred, Swarup Damodar dasa, Bhakta Rob, Rajani Priya dasi, Radhika, Abhay, Radha Radhanatha dasi, Kandarpa Manjari dasi, Kuntidevi dasi, Radha Priya dasi.

“We were in Houston, and you [Giriraj Swami] were speaking on the Bhagavad-gita at a house program. You were talking about impersonalists and how they think that Krishna is ultimately formless and that everything is Maya. You were saying how different people give impersonal commentaries of the Bhagavad-gita. I was impressed by how you were speaking in such a gentle, calm way, yet the message was so heavy. I was amazed how you could be so sweet and so heavy at the same time. And, sometimes I get that from you as well.”

—Balarama dasa


Devotees’ Appreciations
Giriraj Swami’s Address

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