Govardhan-puja: The Glories of Govardhan Hill, October 24, Houston

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Oct 282014

10.24.14_05.Govardha_puja_Houston“We may approach the Lord for something material and he may fulfill our desire, but in such a way that we don’t approach him again for that desire. So, it is better if we approach the Lord and great souls like Giri Govardhan with spiritual desires like the gopi’s—just to serve and please Krishna—without any desire for themselves. By serving and pleasing Krishna we become pramodah—we become exceedingly happy. That is how we become happy. Not by trying in our own independent way to enjoy but by serving and pleasing Krishna and His devotees. That was the benediction the gopis wanted from Govardhan Hill and he fulfilled their desires.”
Govardhan-puja Evening Talk

Govardhan Retreat Opening Session, November 22, Govardhan

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Nov 242011

“Giriraj Govardhan is a manifestation of Krishna’s heart. And the heart is usually the core of the person. We say, ‘If you want to understand me, you have to know my heart.’ If you know someone’s heart, then only you know the person. So, my dear devotees, Giriraj is Krishna’s heart, a manifestation of Krishna’s loving heart to please the foremost of His devotees, Srimati Radharani. He is Krishna Himself. For that reason devotees are extremely hesitant to take Giriraj away from Vraj. They know this is the heart of the Lord, and He never wants  to leave Vrindavan. So enter the world — the heart — of Krishna while you are here. Hear about Him. Get to know Him more. Develop your relationship with Him. Take time for Krishna. Forget your old surroundings and your old world  —  it is not required. Enter this new world.” — Sacinandana Swami