Giriraj Swami’s Vyasa-puja, September 8, Houston

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Sep 092018

“I can honestly say that I love you, Giriraj Swami Maharaja. The love that we share is the love of a time-tested friendship that goes deep and is more satisfying than any mundane one. It is a relationship based on serving together during the pioneer days of our spiritual master’s mission. It is said that things equal to the same thing are equal to each other. Because of our deepening love for our spiritual master and Krishna, our love for each other is solidified forever. My hope is that we will meet each other back in the spiritual world. Certainly the possibility is there, for in a letter to Tusta Krishna Das, Srila Prabhupada levitra wrote, ‘Siddhasvarupa will go, you will go, all others will go. We will have another ISKCON there. Only Mr. Nair will not go.’ ” — Indradyumna Swami

Giriraj Swami
Giriraj Swami and Indradymna Swami
Kesava Bharati Dasa Goswami
Indradyumna Swami
Partha Sarathi Dasa Goswami
Badahari Das
Cakri Das
Disciples and Friends
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Youth in Bombay
Yasomati Dasi

Paninhati Festival, June 21, Laguna Beach, California

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Jun 252013

06.21.13_panihati“If someone approaches you and offers to serve you in your home and in your business and wants nothing in return — just wants to make you happy — then you will naturally feel inclined toward that person. ‘This is a sign of your sincere devotion.’ With God it is the same way. If you approach God with no material desire, you want only His pleasure, then He will makes all arrangements for you, His devotee. So Lord Nityananda gave Raghunatha dasa a service that would attract the attention of Lord Caitanya. He said, ‘You make a big feast of chipped rice and yogurt and distribute to all the Vaishnavas in the area.’ And once the word got out — you know how devotes are — once the word got out that there was a big feast being prepared, thousands and thousands of Vaishnavas came.” — Indradyumna Swami

Indradymna Swami — Panihati Talk
Giriraj Swami — Panihati Talk

Apr 262010

Giriraj Swami and Indradyumna Swami spoke at the first birthday of Vishakha, daughter of Janaki dasi and Gauranga Prema dasa, in Pasadena, California, yesterday.

“God, who is the source of all life, loves all 8,400,000 species. As the Supreme Endower, He gives every creature some little gift. Like Christmas — all the children go to the Christmas tree and get a gift, or like Dipavali — all the children get sweets. Birds can fly – much to the envy of man. If we want to fly we have to work hard and purchase an airline ticket, but birds can fly anytime. If you want to go scuba diving you have to put on a scuba tank, mask, fins, and wetsuit, but a fish does not need any of that. It can swim under the water as much as it wants. Bears can sleep six months of the year – no one wakes them up to go to work or to school. Butterflies are always beautiful — they don’t have to put on their makeup in the morning and take it off in the evening; they are always beautiful. God is so kind.

“What did we get? What is the gift God gave us? He gave us buddhi, intelligence. We have done amazing things — in science, technology, medicine, and space exploration — with that intelligence over the last three hundred years. But ultimately that intelligence is meant for a higher purpose. The ultimate reason that God has given us this intelligence is so that we can go within and discover our deeper spiritual nature.” — Indradyumna Swami

Initiations in San Diego

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Mar 152009

Initiations-01.jpg Initiations-02.jpg

In a beautiful ceremony today, His Holiness Giriraj Swami and His Holiness Indradyumna Swami conducted initiations together. Bhakta Bronson became Balarama dasa, and Bhakta Allen became Anantadeva dasa. And Bhakta Adam became Syama Gopala dasa.

As Giriraj Swami said, “Initiation is a formal recognition of an established fact.” So we formally welcome these initiates into our spiritual family and wish them all success in spiritual life.

Here are Giriraj Swami’s and Indradyumna Swami’s talks: