Sep 132010

Giriraj Swami and Niranjana Swami gave wonderful talks during this Sunday program.

“We have to see the spark, the potential for devotional service in every living being. Everyone has the potential for devotional service. If they do not display that potential, then as Vaishnavas, as preachers  of Krishna consciousness, we should be compassionate upon them and think that it may be because some Vaishnava has not been merciful to them and touched their heart. Instead of looking at their faults or material qualifications we should look at their spiritual qualification. And what is that spiritual qualification that Visnujana Maharaja gave as an example? He said that a person may come to the temple and have a desire to sweep the floor for Krishna. The rest of his life may be totally abominable, but he has some to desire to do something for Krishna. The Vaishnava is someone who wants to bring that out. He is not always trying to push them down by saying that everything has to be done my way.” – Niranjana Swami

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