Nov 102010

“Krishna is served by hundreds and thousands of goddesses of fortune. Nonetheless, He steals butter like one who is poverty-stricken. Yamaraja, the controller of all living entities, fears the order of Krishna, yet Krishna is afraid of His mother’s stick. These contradictions cannot be understood by one who is not a devotee, but a devotee can understand how powerful is unalloyed devotional service to Krishna; it is so powerful that Krishna can be controlled by an unalloyed devotee.This bhritya-vasyata does not mean that He is under the control of the servant; rather, He is under the control of the servant’s pure love.” (SB 10.9.19 purport)

“So I — and many other disciples — understood that Srila Prabhupada was trying to bring us to a higher level of Krishna consciousness. In particular, he was bringing us to the point where we could break some of the barriers of awe and reverence and express to him our hearts’ feelings of love and care for him. And at that critical moment when Tamal Krishna Goswami and Bhavananda Maharaja approached him to beg him not to go on parikrama to Govardhana Hill, he turned to Akincana Krsnadasa Babaji Maharaja and said, “Just see how much they love me”. — Giriraj Swami

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