Aug 012007

His Holiness Giriraj Swami, His Holiness Niranjana Swami, and His Holiness Radhanath Swami arrived at the program in Ventura to a room full of devotees being addressed by His Holiness BB Govinda Swami. After Maharaja greeted his Godbrothers with a warm embrace, he spoke animatedly on Brhad-Bhagavatamrta, both entertaining and enlightening his audience. BB Govinda Swami is championing the cause of the Kazakhstan devotees with tremendous force and self-sacrifice. Accompanying him in the kirtana was a musically talented couple from Kazakhstan. The skillfully played instruments wove sweetly around the holy names, as the transcendental sound vibration set everyone’s hearts a-spin.

Naturally, a sumptuous feast concluded the night’s proceedings sending everyone home fully satisfied in heart, body and soul.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to download the entire video so these video clips are edited to show parts of the program. A full DVD will be available soon. Please contact me – – if you are interested.

Part1.wmv 28Mb

Part2.wmv 26Mb

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