Sep 112007

Beautiful Krsna-Balarama Deities were presented to Giriraj Swami on August 24, by Kunjabihari dasa. The account of how the Deities came to him–to be given to his guru maharaja–will be posted soon. The Deities were painted and dressed on Lord Balarama’s Appearance Day, August 28, by Padadhuli dasi and then brought to the temple, in Houston, for puja and abhiseka performed by Giriraj Swami, Rtadhvaja Swami, and others. The next day, Giriraj Swami carried the Deities to Santa Barbara, where They were placed on his altar.

On Krishna Janmastami, five days later, Kuntidevi offered Them a new outfit and decorated Them. You may see Their beautiful divine forms in the photos that follow.

IMG_3302.jpg IMG_3304.jpg IMG_3309.jpg IMG_3316.jpg IMG_3328.jpg IMG_3329.jpg P.jpg P.jpg IMG_4185.jpg IMG_4187.jpg IMG_4189.jpg