Mar 282013

Gaura_Purnima_Houston_2013“We hold onto our material attachments because we don’t have faith in Krishna; we don’t have faith in the holy name. First, we doubt whether Krishna actually exists — whether He’s really a person. And then we doubt whether he will really save us. If I am falling, will Krishna catch me? And if we don’t have faith that Krishna will catch us, we will think we have to make so many material arrangements to protect, or support, ourselves. And ye yatha mam prapadyante — as we surrender to Krishna, He reciprocates. If Krishna sees, ‘Oh, this person is making his own arrangements; he thinks he doesn’t need me. All right, you are making your own arrangements — you take care of yourself.’ If someone really depends on Krishna, he can experience Krishna’s intervention. We will never experience Krishna’s intervention unless we take that chance — that risk — and depend on Him. Then we can actually experience it.”

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