May 312013

08.Nrsimha_Caturdasi_05.23.13_DallasSacinandana Swami, Rtadhvaja Swami, and Giriraj Swami spoke during the evening program on Sri Nrsimhadeva’s appearance day.

“My dear devotees, there are so many bad things in our hearts — even when we have practiced Krishna consciousness for forty-plus years, like me. There can be something like impatience and intolerance in the heart. It is a real thing. We are in danger in this world. We have accepted so many strange guests in our heart. Shouldn’t we make our heart a place for the Lord to reside in? Shouldn’t  He be our guest of honor? This making the heart a suitable place for the Lord to reside in is done by praying to Lord Nrsimhadeva to help us. It is done also by coming into the devotees’ association and understanding, ‘I am a fallen soul. My achievements in devotional service are very weak and modest. I require the mercy of the Lord in my life.’ With this understanding you can pray to Lord Nrsimhadeva to protect you from the six internal enemies that make our hearts so unpleasant.” — Sacinandana Swami




Sacinandana Swami
Rtadhvaja Swami
Giriraj Swami