Jun 252013

06.21.13_panihati“If someone approaches you and offers to serve you in your home and in your business and wants nothing in return — just wants to make you happy — then you will naturally feel inclined toward that person. ‘This is a sign of your sincere devotion.’ With God it is the same way. If you approach God with no material desire, you want only His pleasure, then He will makes all arrangements for you, His devotee. So Lord Nityananda gave Raghunatha dasa a service that would attract the attention of Lord Caitanya. He said, ‘You make a big feast of chipped rice and yogurt and distribute to all the Vaishnavas in the area.’ And once the word got out — you know how devotes are — once the word got out that there was a big feast being prepared, thousands and thousands of Vaishnavas came.” — Indradyumna Swami

Indradymna Swami — Panihati Talk
Giriraj Swami — Panihati Talk

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