Jul 072013

02.ISV_07.06.13“All the time we would joke when people would come and not fit into that tiny temple room. ‘Look, we fit three thousand people in here before, so don’t complain, just move in a little closer.’ At least five times during every lecture we would have to say, ‘Everyone please move up.’ And then Krishna again forced us — as he did to King Satyavrata — put Him, and us, in a bigger pond of water. And now we have come to this pond. Of course, the big joke when we first came here was devotees coming up to me and saying, ‘Vais prabhu, we need a bigger place!’ But that is the way it goes when you are dealing with Krishna: the vibration expands, Krishna expands, and that is how the movement goes on. We live to accommodate Krishna and His needs, and as we do so the movement expands.” — Vaisesika dasa
Giriraj Swami
Vaisesika Dasa

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