Apr 102014

sita-rama-forest-2It is stated that in Satya-yuga demons and devotees lived on different planets; in Treta-yuga demons and devotees lived on the same planet but in different families—like Dasarstha and Janaka on the one hand and Ravana on the other; in Dvarapa-yuga devotees and demons appeared in the same family—like the Kauravas and the Pandavas; and in Kali-yuga the divine and demonic propensities reside in the same person. Unfortunately, we almost all have that experience. We have love in our hearts, Krishna in our hearts, but unfortunately, we also have Ravana—that lusty, greedy, angry entity. So the question is: Are we going to follow Rama, or are we going to follow Ravana? The idea is that we can use even anger in the service of the Lord. We should use the anger in our heart and say, ‘I am not going to take this misbehavior anymore. I am not going to chase after this or that, do this or do that. I am not going to tolerate it.’ In this way we can make progress.

Rama-navami Evening Kirtan
Rama-navami Evening Talk