Apr 232024

For Sri Hanuman Jayanti, I quote Sri Prahlada’s glorification of Hanuman from Sri Brhad-bhagavatamrta (1.4.40–52):

“Hanuman is much more fortunate. For many thousands of years he has enjoyed serving the Lord constantly, without obstruction.

“He is the most powerful person. When he was just a child, the demigods favored him with several wonderful benedictions. Thus he became immune to old age and death.

“He is free of all fear, he maintains great vows, and he performs auspicious deeds. Outstanding among heroes, he is an exceptional servant of the Lord of the Raghus.

“With playful disregard he jumped across thousands of miles of fathomless ocean. Expertly, in the capital of the Raksasa king, he comforted Mother Sita in her distress.

“He boldly threatened his enemies, burned Lanka, and destroyed its citadel. When he brought back news of Sita, he received his master’s deep embrace.

“It was Hanuman who acted as his Lord’s best carrier, his tail serving as a royal white umbrella, his broad back a comfortable seat for the Lord. And it was Hanuman who directed the project of bridging the ocean.

“He fulfilled the desires of Vibhisana. He destroyed the military force of the Raksasas. And he had the special power to deliver the healing herb called visalya-karani.

“He was the very life of his soldiers. Always giving great pleasure to his divine Lord and the Lord’s younger brother Laksmana, he devotedly served as carrier for Them both.

“Supremely intelligent and valorous, he brought victory for Lord Ramacandra. He added to the spotless fame of his Lord, who killed the king of the Raksasas.

“It was Hanuman who encouraged Mother Sita. And by the Lord’s order, this Hanuman, the one true recipient of his master’s favor, still lives in this world, though unable to bear separation from the Lord.

“He keeps himself alive by constantly hearing the glories of Lord Rama. Staying by the side of the Lord’s Deity, He is present even today with the same splendor as always.

“Hanuman’s greatness is well known from scriptural statements like ‘The chief of the monkeys became perfect by acting as the Lord’s servant.’ His servitude is proof of the Lord’s mercy.

“Although Hanuman obtained from the son of Dasaratha the boon of liberation without striving for it, he never wanted to accept liberation without the opportunity to serve. To that Hanuman I offer my obeisances.”

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